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Sasuke/Naruto or Kakashi/Naruto | requested by anonymous

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naruto challenge: (2/3) favourite pairing → hyuuga neji and hyuuga hinata

"there is no such fate! your son and my daughter are out there fighting to prove it! this isn’t about the branch house protecting the main house, it’s about two comrades protecting each other!

Sep 3

"Your friendship will define you both
in ways you cannot yet realize."

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Without realizing it, I have kept everything that Daniel and I have ever done together. I kept the ticket stub for the first movie we ever saw together (Star Trek, Kansas City), the second movie (Pacific Rim, Indianapolis), the ticket to the Indiana State Fair, and the one that got us into the Star Wars Exhibit at the Indiana State Museum. It wasn’t ever a conscious decision, I just… never threw them away. So now I have a collection of ticket stubs and a thousand pictures of us exploring places together. 

He has ruined me and also not ruined me. He has made me better, and told me not to say that because I made myself better, he just watched. I am grateful that he is going to be driving all night and busy all weekend and he will never see this, because he would just smile and tease me. But most of all, I am grateful that seven months ago we started dating because I have never been happier, healthier, or more accepting of myself. 

PS - Can you guess where I live now? 

PPS - I love you, and I love you more every day. 

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This is where the mushy goes
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your own pack

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